Iveco A40 ambulance five emissions standards (countries)

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  • Vehicle basic parameters:Overall dimensions (mm) length x width x height5980×2000×2870Emissions according to the standardⅤ GB17691-2005 countries, GB3847-2005Number of shaft2Axial distance (mm)3310 St
  • Iveco A40 ambulance five emissions standards (countries)

  • Overall dimensions (mm) length x width x height

    5980×2000 ×2870

    Emissions according to the standard

    GB17691-2005 countries, GB3847-2005

    Number of shaft


    Axial distance (mm) 


    Steel plate spring leaf number


    To form

    The steering wheel

    Tire size


    Wheel base before/after (mm)


    Number of tires


    Overall quality/curb weight (kg)


    Close to the Angle/departure Angle (0)


    Before hanging/rear suspension (kg)


    Amount for load (people)


    Fuel type


    Axle weight (kg)


    Top speed (km/h)


    Engine type


    Displacement (ml)


    Power (kW)


    Vehicle basic parameters:

    Iveco car has the following advantages:

    1, leading technology,

    2, a series of perfect

    3, powerful

    4, safe and comfortable

    5, good economy

    6, good by

    7, large gradability

    8, reasonable space

    9, maintenance, powerful guarantee

    10, high performance options

    This model mainly USES the modified iveco series chassis. Chassis evenly before and after the independent suspension, and the broken front axle steering type, forging beam as a whole process, make to more flexible, and stable. Not break open drive axle, whole stamping welding bridge shell, full floating half shaft stability, the stability is greatly increased. Hydraulic braking vacuum booster dual-circuits power, air conditioning makes driving safer and more comfortable. The vehicle equipped with roof rack and other equipment.

    This car is widely used in the large hospitals, 120 medical institutions, such as emergency center is a large hospital, the 120 emergency center medical institutions such as the ideal car.

    Function characteristics:

    Chose iveco chassis, its structure is reasonable, and the vehicle matching sex is strong, has the good power performance and reliability;

    All stamping parts structure, cathode electrophoresis, antirust ability.

    The front view, laminated glass, provides the driver with good vision;

    Whole vehicle m color interior, ergonomic seat design, humanization design of the instrument desk, all kinds of warning lights and control switch are accessible, make your ride more comfortable and more comfortable.


    Main configuration: (configuration) on request

    International popular ambulances, strip lights alarm, flashing lights, ultraviolet disinfection lamp, widened after get on the car pedal, interphone, the partition (push-pull window), double the co-pilot seat, transfusion hooks, LG blue plastic flooring, medical equipment cabinets, white sand grinding, appearance identification, 10 l oxygen tank and bracket, wetting, inverter power supply, wastes barrel, the shining lamp, shoot the light, medical seat, seat escort (options lay bench seat and seat), automatically on a stretcher bed, folding stretcher, another modification can be adjusted according to customer's requirement.

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